Rubellite Pink Tourmaline Smoky Quartz Sphere

Rubellite Pink Tourmaline Smoky Quartz Sphere

$180.00 USD
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Add this beautiful Rubellite Sphere to your crystal collection! The numerous deep Pink Tourmaline crystals in this polished crystal ball are embraced by Quartz for amplification and Smoky Quartz for grounded protection.

The bio-electric energy from your heart is 60x stronger than the energy of your brain. Keeping a Rubellite tourmaline crystal on your bedside table will aid in strengthening and attracting loving energies into your life. This heart chakra crystal is also beneficial for releasing past traumas, fears and negative emotional energies.

Tourmaline also has piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties which help improve the energy flow in your aura and sacred space.

2.1" / 52mm
7.3 oz / 208g
Origin: Madagascar

Due to the nature of the material of this sphere, please expect natural fissures or inclusions.