Chevron Amethyst Pocket Sphere

Chevron Amethyst Pocket Sphere

$10.00 USD
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Add a lovely Chevron Amethyst Crystal Pocket Sphere to your collection! Features tones of purple, white and soothing lavender.

These Amethyst crystal balls have intriguing patterns and banding. They have been hand selected to ensure that each have a unique artistic look. Some have interesting geometric looking formations which all formed naturally.

Hold a Chevron Amethyst sphere in each hand to bring a sense of inner peace when you need it most. Amethyst is loved for dispelling fears and soothing the soul. Perfect for third eye crystal grid set-ups and upper chakra balancing. Meditate with Chevron Amethyst to activate the pineal gland, boost intuition and enhance psychic abilities.

Approximate Dimensions:
0.9" (22mm)

Weight: 0.5oz / 15g

Origin: Brazil
Unheated / Untreated