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Crystal Rock Star

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Crystal shop Los Angeles magic crystal ball CrystalRockstar


Crystal Rock Star was created to share a passion for the Earth's treasures, its crystals. The company's mission is to help others find the right vibrational crystal match to use for their personal life journey. Crystals are forms of energetic light and hold frequencies that enlighten the soul.


Crystal Rock Star's journey and path of service is to awaken the consciousness of the planet. We strive to offer crystals that can guide others on their soul path. Each crystal is intuitively chosen and every package sent is set with an intention to assist others for their highest good.


Empathic and intuitive abilities, along with knowledge in the scientific studies of crystals are combined to bring quality crystal offerings in the shop. Crystal Rock Star has accreditation in crystal healing as a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH), Advanced Crystal Master (ACM) and Reiki Master.


The word crystal comes from the Greek word, “krystallos”, which means “frozen light”. At Crystal Rock Star, we focus on awakening your spirit (inner light) with energetic frequencies and vibrational healing.

Crystals are energetic tools with mineralogical properties that can be used for physical and emotional healing. The subtle energies within crystals can release you from recurring stress patterns and encourage inner balance. Consider the natural healing properties of crystals and let your true inner rock star shine through.


All crystals at Crystal Rock Star are carefully chosen for best quality. A keen eye for detail, esoteric knowledge and mineral expertise guide us to hand select the best crystals for your healing work and crystal collections.

Your order with Crystal Rock Star will include an intuitively chosen gift to complement your energetic needs or to synergize with the crystal(s) in your order. Customers always appreciate the magical energy from their Crystal Rock Star packages and every order is carefully wrapped and ready to love!


Crystal Rock Star jewelry and crystals are designed to balance and enhance the energy of your body using the natural healing properties found within each crystal. Crystals are able to store, transmit, reflect and receive energy.

Ancient civilizations used the power of crystals to strengthen and balance the flow of energy in the body for optimal health. Because our bodies are largely made up silicon-dioxide and other minerals, we are naturally receptive to the subtle vibrations of crystals. Start your crystal healing journey today with one of Mother Earth's beautiful treasures.

Rave Reviews From Crystal Rockers!

"Wrapped beautifully with a lovely and unexpected free gift!"Simply stunning just like the photos. Wrapped beautifully with a free lovely and unexpected free gift! I highly recommend this shop! - Michael N.

"Beautiful, special crystal. I know that it's going to be amazing."Beautiful, special crystal. I know that it's going to be amazing. And so perfectly wrapped :) Thank you so much for the exact right gift also! - Shakita B.

"Without a doubt thee best transaction I have ever had..."Without a doubt thee best transaction I have ever had on Etsy or Ebay or Amazon or anywhere online. Sheer perfection! I could spend an hour writing all the good things about this seller. I will def be a repeat and repeat and repeat customer TOP NOTCH! A+++++ - Hailey E.

"It came beautifully and carefully wrapped, with a lovely personalized card."Just got this lovely amethyst today and its just as pictured...even better in person. This item came very quickly (I appreciate that very much from sellers). It came beautifully and carefully wrapped, with a lovely personalized card. I even received, as a gift, a very interesting stone and will add it to my altar bowl where I keep such things (thanks so much). I was very happy with my purchase and I'm already looking at other items. - Lauren P.

"You can't go wrong in her shop!!!" She is absolutely WONDERFUL to work with and she is such a Sweetheart! Not only does she deliver on top-notch specimens but this is the first time I've ordered jewelry from her and I was not disappointed in any way! She is very accommodating with payment plans and makes it easy and comfortable to ask about paying off a valuable piece! You can't go wrong in her shop!!! The packaging is delightful, secure and extremely fast! It is really hard to break open the wonderful work she put into packaging....but it only gets better the further you go in! - Kira T.

"When I placed this stone in my hand I could feel a warm pulsation..."This nuummite stone is spectacular with beautiful chunks of copper gold blue that sparkle in the sun. When I placed this stone in my hand I could feel a warm pulsation and knew she picked the perfect one for me. She helped me pick this stone for my empath protection and feel so much better already. - Jennifer V.

"...the items always 'feel' really good."This little gem arrived the morning after a massive storm. Talk about bringing in the water element! Sometimes I end up forming very personal bonds with certain stones, and this little dolphin has quickly turned into one of those. Overall, I just love buying from Crystal Rock Star. The packaging is flawless and gorgeous; more like receiving a gift than something I ordered myself, and the items always 'feel' really good. One can tell the owner loves the stones and her business. Also loved the special card that was included. It was a very nice little extra. - AnnMari A.

"And as for my generator, it is all that the pictures promised and more."I absolutely love my amethyst generator! It was very carefully and beautifully packaged and the shop included a beautiful surprise gift. A lot of shops on Etsy throw in a rough scrap of a mineral as a free gift which are usually not much to look at let alone use, but this free gift was thoughtfully selected and gorgeous. And as for my generator, it is all that the pictures promised and more. I am very happy with this sizable purchase.- Anne R.

"...super fast shipping, great customer service and reliability."This is definitely one of my favorite shops online. I have ordered about a dozen things over the course of the last month and I have never been disappointed. The products look like their photos, they are always high quality, and they arrive wrapped like a beautiful gift. It's actually a pleasure receiving a package from Crystal Rock Star. I highly recommend this shop for its super fast shipping, great customer service and reliability. Keep up the great work! - Jimmy W.

"The crystal was high quality, setting was perfection..."OMG - the pendant was beyond gorgeous. The crystal was high quality, setting was perfection, and entire pendant was gorgeous. AND, I received a polished sodalite with my jewelry. If you want high quality jewelry/crystal, this is where you want to shop. - Terrie C.

"...the crystals were displayed in their full beauty like models."My first impression of this store was that it is really professional and the crystals were displayed in their full beauty like models (like they deserve). This and other crystals were just so unique and stunning. I wanted to buy so many. This one in particular - really clear and beautiful, stunning specimen. Really lovely service as well and it came really well packaged with a beautiful note, just lovely. Will definitely purchase from here again :) - Aimee L.

"...even opening it felt like a magical experience."This heart is so gorgeous with such fiery energy. I used it as the focal point of my dragonheart mala. The packing was beyond gorgeous and even opening it felt like a magical experience. - Jovan C.