Distance Crystal Healing Sessions

Distance Crystal Healing Sessions

$150.00 USD
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Crystal Rock Star's distance crystal healing sessions will make you feel like a “Star”!

Experience a customized energetic crystal reiki healing session with crystals specifically chosen for your current needs. Reiki and crystal healing energy will be lovingly sent to your location to bring your chakras into balance and to increase your overall wellbeing. 

Crystal Healing Session Details:

1) Intuitive Reiki and Crystal Healing distance techniques are implemented to check for chakra imbalances within the energy body system. You will be sent an online crystal healing session questionnaire prior to the session so you can also communicate your requested areas of healing focus. You can also email a photo to be used for the session. If the session is for a loved one, permission must be given from the recipient.

2) We work together to schedule a date and time for your distance healing session. It is best to receive healing when you are at home - where you can lay down comfortably in a relaxed, meditative state. However, if your schedule is busy, you can still receive the healing energies regardless of where you are and what you are doing. You will receive prior instructions on how to best conduct your session. There will be no call during the actual session to avoid distraction, as it is best to stay in a peaceful and relaxed state.

3) During the healing session, each chakra will be checked remotely. Reiki energies and etheric crystal energies will be sent to each chakra for balancing and alignment. You may feel tingling sensations or warmth in areas that the energy is flowing through and working on. This is all perfectly normal. 

4) Afterwards, specific crystals related to the areas that need healing will be intuitively chosen for you and arranged in a crystal grid that I program to simultaneously send you healing energies during your session. 

5) After the session, a 1-2 page PDF will be compiled for you regarding the details of the chakras that were blocked and rebalanced, as well as any intuitive input that may have been revealed during your healing session. Crystal recommendations that will best suit your healing needs will also be included. Please expect this PDF to arrive within 36-48 hours.


      Crystal Healer's Qualifications of Ry Eterna:

      (Owner and Master Certified Crystal Healer of Crystal Rock Star)

      ✦ Certified Crystal Healer Certification with the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

      ✦ Advanced Crystal Master Certified with the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

      ✦ Crystal Reiki - Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy

      ✦ Usui Reiki Master - Reiki Healing Association Member


        Crystal Healing Benefits:

        ➡ Feeling fatigued or low energy? Realign your chakras and energetic frequencies.

        ➡ Going through relationship issues or a breakup? Clear past trauma and release emotional pain.

        ➡ Curious about learning more about your path? Crystal healing can improve your spiritual growth and development.

        ➡ Stress and anxiety relief. Relieve headaches and calm the mind.

        ➡ Relieve physical pain and remove energetic blocks related to illness. I have helped relieve clients with arthritis pain, reproductive organ issues, digestion issues, sports injuries and more.

        ➡ Increase fertility for pregnancy.

        ➡ Boost self love, combat self esteem issues, increase compassion.

        ➡ Looking to improve your money or job situation? Increase abundance and manifestation.

        ➡ Feeling drained after being around others? Increase and protect your energy field.

        ➡ Forgetful or losing focus? Crystal healing can help with grounding, memory and concentration.


            Distance Crystal Healing Testimonials:

            Major energetic heart chakra blockages were opened, released and cleansed. It was my first time trying this type of healing and I wish I tried this sooner! You won’t regret it, get a session today or a distance healing session if you want remote healing.” – Marc Q.

            Crystal Rock Star helped release arthritic pain in my ankle (which has been bothering me for a long time). I woke up the next morning and jumped out of bed with no pain. She is the real deal!” – Mary L.

            I had a bad spider bug bite infection with a swollen ankle and my day was ruined because I couldn’t walk properly. I had a crystal reiki treatment and Ry helped reduce the irritation and swelling. I couldn’t believe it! I felt the Reiki energy flowing through me and out my toe. Amazing!! Can’t wait to go again in the future!” – Char I.

            Dealt with a lot of emotional pain and trauma from my past. I was harboring a lot of anger over the years and it was getting me no where. I found out about crystal healing online and was glad to find Crystal Rock Star remote healing sessions. Now I’m hooked and I look forward to my monthly chakra balancing and Reiki healing. My life has changed and I’m not the man I used to be… and I’m sooo happy about that! I’m a total crystal junky now! Thank you Crystal Rock Star!! You rock!!” – Jay G.

            *Distance crystal healing sessions are 1 hour long. Please contact me if you have any questions.