Genuine Shungite 3" Crystal Obelisk

Genuine Shungite 3" Crystal Obelisk

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Use Shungite in your home or office to protect you from EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and to filter out unwanted energies.

These hand carved and polished Shungite obelisks can be used for protection grids. Place a few near your wifi routers for best use.

Because these obelisks stand flat, they can also be used in meditation and body layouts.


Width: 30-34mm / 1.2" - 1.3"
Height: 71-77mm / 2.8" - 3"
Weight: 88-102g / 3.1-3.6 oz

Origin: Zazhoginskoye deposit, in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia.

Subtle surface irregularities are to be expected on this material due to the low mohs hardness of this crystal.

Because Shungite is carbon based, it can leave a mark on white surfaces. So please be mindful of this and wash your hands after holding. Luckily these are not dusty like raw Shungite specimens.

I wrote about Shungite on my blog here if you're interested in learning more:

Feel free to read the article: "Shungite - Perhaps the Most Powerful Crystal Discovered":

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