Raw Pyrite Nugget Crystal Chunk

Raw Pyrite Nugget Crystal Chunk

$5.38 USD
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Receive 1 Raw Pyrite Nugget. These beautiful golden pyrite crystal chunks have nice sparkle and some have Quartz inclusions. Pyrite has iron content which is beneficial for grounding energy. 

Work with Pyrite to unify the crown down through the solar plexus and out the root chakras. 

Size Options:
Regular: 1" - 1.25" width range
Large: 1.5" - 2" width range

Your crystal will look similar to the ones photographed. Each piece is intuitively chosen.

Suggestions for use:
- Use in abundance and prosperity grids, crystal trays or by a money intention candle.
- Hold during meditation for self-empowerment, motivation and positivity.
- Use in the "metal" section of your home for feng shui activation of that area.

♥ Crystals are carefully gift wrapped. Be sure to wash your hands after handling this crystal as it leaves natural iron dusting on your fingers.