Rainbow Labradorite Genuine Crystal Coaster

Rainbow Labradorite Genuine Crystal Coaster

$55.00 USD
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Treat yourself to this beautiful rainbow Labradorite coaster that can be used for everyday use.

It also makes a special gift or use it during special events throughout the year like: weddings, anniversary dinners, as a housewarming gift, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or for a Christmas holiday dinner table setting.

Labradorite is a perfect crystal to show off your crystal stemware or as your special coaster for your favorite mug. The natural electric blue and rainbow color highlights in this coaster are mesmerizing to view when tilted under bright light.

Under the coaster are four round small black felt pads to keep your table surfaces safe from scratches.

This beautiful Labradorite coaster will be a crystal treasure that you can pass on to your future family members. The entire piece is a full genuine natural piece of Labradorite, unlike others on the market that are disjointed pieces fused together.

Photos and video taken in direct sunlight. Expect color variations from indoor lighting and computer display color variations. The crystal must be tilted at certain angles to reveal the inner flashes.

Diameter - 3.7" (94mm)
Thickness - 0.3" (8mm)
5oz / 145g

Although the moh's hardness of labradorite is around a 6 - 6.5, I would recommend treating this coaster with care. Wipe clean with a wet damp cloth, dry right away with a dry cloth and store carefully.

Ideas for using this Labradorite coaster:

** Use as a charging plate for your beverages.
** Use as a mini base to display your favorite crystals.
** Use as a candle base or a base to put your statues or figurines on.
** Perfect to use for a wedding table for the bride, groom and bridal party.
** Use at the dinner table during Thanksgiving and holiday dinners.
** Use one at your office desk to place your morning coffee or tea.