Premium Sodalite Flat Palm Stone For Courage

Premium Sodalite Flat Palm Stone For Courage

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Delight in receiving one of these Sodalite palm stone crystals from Namibia. These flat polished palm stones have an oval to round shape. Each piece is unique and stunning and will be treasured in your crystal collection!

These Sodalite palm stones have gorgeous natural deep blue color that will take your breath away. Some palm stones have white calcite marbling. Some even have hematite, orange feldspar or sunstone in them, as seen through the orange, brown or silver patches in the photos.

Choose your size and quantity preference above.

Medium Size Range: (Shown in first 8 photos)
Length: ~1.6 - 1.8" / 40-45mm
Width: ~1.2" - 1.7" / 30-44mm
Thickness: ~0.2" - 0.4" / 5-10 mm

Small Size Range: (*Shown in last 3 photos)
Length: ~1.1 - 1.4" / 28-36mm
Thickness: ~0.2" - 0.4" / 5-9mm

The natural color of these Sodalite crystals can help bring a feeling of calm and relaxation when you hold or gaze upon it during meditation.

Your Sodalite palm stone will intuitively chosen from available stock. If you're looking for something specific, please leave a note in the comment box during checkout and I will try my best to accommodate based on availability. You may also message me before ordering.

Ways to Work with Sodalite:

- Use Sodalite to help with confident communication and to release fears.
- Perfect for chakra crystal grids and meditation layouts.
- Tuck one under your pillow case for restful sleep.
- You can also carry Sodalite when you need help during public speaking and meetings at work.

Due to the nature this crystal material, expect natural indentations, irregular shapes, patterning and other inclusions.

Arrives carefully wrapped with a keepsake bag.