Ocean Jasper Palm Stones - Pick Your Color

Ocean Jasper Palm Stones - Pick Your Color

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Add a beautiful genuine Ocean Jasper palm stone crystal to your collection.

Work with Ocean Jasper to help manifest your intentions! The microscopic spheric formations inside this crystal help to radiate your manifestations when you hold it during meditation. Give it a try!

Choose your fav color collection in the drop down. See photos for color variation details.

This listing is for one palm stone. But consider getting a set of all colors to create your own Ocean Jasper palm stone collection!

Ocean Themed Collections:
💜 Lavender "Seashell"
💛 Yellow "Starfish"
💚 Green "Kelp"
❤️ Red "Coral"
🦩 Pink "Flamingo" 
🐚 Mauve "Anemone" - Purple speckled
🦄 Rainbow "Seahorse" - Mixed Colors
🐠 Semi-Translucent "Jelly Fish" - Has non-opaque areas where light shines through the crystal!

Approximate size range:
Length: 1.8" / 45mm
Width: 1.4" / 35mm
Thickness: 0.3" / 7mm
*Palm stone sizing maybe larger/smaller than the sizing range.

Smooth, flat and polished.

Easy to carry for travel.

Your crystal will be intuitively chosen from the color style group that you specify. If you would like something specific, please leave a message and I'll see if I can find something you like.

Please expect natural indentations, fissures, caverns, inclusions and irregularities due to the natural material of this palm stone.

Origin: Madagascar

Your crystal will be carefully wrapped upon order and ready to love.