Charoite Lavender Clouds Sphere 2"

Charoite Lavender Clouds Sphere 2"

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Beautiful Charoite Sphere that looks like a purple planet with atmospheric swirling clouds!

This Charoite crystal ball comes from only one place on Earth, at the Chara River in Siberia, Russia.

Charoite is a complex silicate containing elements of potassium, sodium, calcium, barium, strontium, oxygen, silicon, and hydrogen. This crystal can be found with inclusions of microcline feldspar, aergirine-augite, and tinaksite.

Charoite is protective, transformative and boosts intuition. Shields the astral and etheric auric layer during meditation, dream work and energetic work.

2" x 1.9"
49mm x 47mm
*Slight oblong shape. It is wider than it is tall, but just a tad.

Weight: 154g / 5.4oz

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