Lepidolite Heart Palm Stone 1.6"

Lepidolite Heart Palm Stone 1.6"

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You'll love the good vibes of this Lepidolite purple heart palm stone crystal.

Lepidolite's lithium and mica elements are perfect for providing calming energies during anxious moments. Lepidolite is a great meditation crystal to use for third eye work, meditations and to relieve stress after a long hard day.

Lepidolite is a must have for your crystal healing collection. Keep this puffy heart crystal by your bedside table or tuck it inside your pillow case for vivid dreams and dream recall.

Length Range: ~1.5" - 1.7" / 38-42mm
Width Range: ~1.5" - 1.6" / 38-40mm
Thickness Range: ~0.7" / 17-19mm
Weight: 42-44g

Moh's hardness: 2.5 - 4
Chakras: Third Eye Chakra
Origins: Brazil

Best method of cleansing - sound or sage. Avoid getting this crystal wet for best care. Arrives carefully wrapped and ready to love!

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