Tugtupite Triangle Color Changing Silver Ring

Tugtupite Triangle Color Changing Silver Ring

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Say hello to your new gorgeous Tugtupite ring!

This beautiful rare crystal has light pink semi-translucency mixed with opaque vanilla cream areas along with darker pink natural veining.

The polished cabochon has a triangular shape with rounded edges and an open back design.

Tugtupite is a favorite for influencing the heart chakra during meditation. This stone of love is a perfect water element crystal for moving emotions and energetic flow.

Tugtupite has been cherished by Greenland natives and is considered a mineral aphrodisiac of love. Tugtupite is made of a rare beryllium aluminum tectosilicate.

The Tugtupite mines in Greenland have been closed down for years now, so this crystal is a treasured collectors item! Tugtupite is extremely hard to acquire since the ground in Greenland is frozen for the majority of time during the year.

This magical crystal is UV reactive. Tugtupite glows a gorgeous salmon pink color under UV light and intensifies to a darker pink when exposed to sunlight. Add this truly amazing collector ring to your crystal jewelry collection.


Size: 7
Overall Size: 0.4" x 0.5" x 0.2" (9.4mm x 13mm 4.5mm)
Tugtupite Crystal: 0.4" x 0.6" (11mm x 14mm)
Band width: 2.4mm
Weight: 2g
Setting: .925 sterling silver

Photos show the Tugtupite ring under sunlight to display the crystal's unique color changing properties. The color will be a lighter pink when not exposed to sunlight.

***Please beware of fake Tugtupite that has recently been popping up on the market that is a man made composite of other materials. Natural authentic Tugtupite is not super bright fluorescent pink under regular indoor lighting. It is a lighter bubble gum pink before UV light exposure. Fake Tugtupite will not darken in color under sunlight. There are only a few crystals in our realm that have this magical naturally occurring phenomenon.

Read more about this crystal in my Tugtupite blog article here: http://www.crystalrockstar.com/tugtupite-the-mineral-aphrodisiac/

Arrives gift wrapped with a jewelry box and keepsake bag.

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