Lavender Labradorite Large Decor Crystal

Lavender Labradorite Large Decor Crystal

$639.00 USD
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Say hello to this gorgeous Lavender Labradorite Home Decor centerpiece crystal that shines gorgeous rainbow pastel flash! This beautiful polished specimen is freestanding and looks divine on any table top.

Both sides of this rare pastel Labradorite Crystal have gorgeous flash and these photos do not do it justice. You really have to experience it in real life to appreciate its beauty.

The colors that radiate from this Labradorite freeform are lavender, blue, pink, orange and gold depending on the lighting conditions. If you look at it under sunlight you’ll be mesmerized by it beauty.

This Labradorite Home Decor centerpiece will arrive carefully wrapped. Display this large home decor specimen in your living area, office or sacred space to uplift your spirits. 

5.6" x 6.3" x 1.7" (143 mm x 160 mm x 44 mm)
Weight: 4.6 lbs  (2.1 kg)