Rainbow Hematite Large Raw Shimmery Crystal

Rainbow Hematite Large Raw Shimmery Crystal

$299.00 USD
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Say hello to your new extra large sparkly rare Rainbow Hematite crystal to your collection!

This beautiful Rainbow Hematite shimmers tones of blue, gold, orange, purple, silver, green and pink against a deep gray color. There are also areas of oxidized brown iron on the surface due to the Hematite's mineral makeup.

This jumbo raw and natural grounding and protection crystal is perfect for:

- Crystal grids
- Frequency shielding from electronics
- Root chakra energy work
- Centerpiece display


7.5" x 3.1" x 0.8"
191mm x 79mm x 21mm
Weight: 1.9lbs / 0.9kg

Origin: Brazil

This colorful collector specimen was excavated in the 1990's and the source location in Brazil is now closed.

Please expect glittery natural specks to be released from this rare raw specimen. Best use is for display purposes in your private collection or for stationary placement for crystal layouts.

Check out the close-up shot of Rainbow Hematite under a microscope in the last photo. Hematite belongs to the hexagonal crystal class and you can see the cool outline of this shape in the photo. (Photo source: https://bit.ly/3ewWqZt)

Your Rainbow Hematite will be carefully wrapped and ready to love!