Rainbow Crystal Heart Gift Set

Rainbow Crystal Heart Gift Set

$59.00 USD
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Say hello to your new beautiful Rainbow Crystal Heart Set!

Treat yourself to this perfect crystal self-love set or gift one to someone special.

These palm stone puffy heart crystal bundles come in a myriad of crystal types and colors to brighten up your day.

Each heart has a nice chunky size that is almost 2" wide.

Choose your crystal hearts bundle (either #1 or the full #2 set). Limited quantities available for each bundle.



💎 Includes 7 Genuine Crystal Hearts:
Lapis Lazuli
Green Fluorite
Tigers Eye
Red Tigers Eye


💎 Includes 9 Genuine Crystal Hearts:
Lapis Lazuli
Green Fluorite
Tigers Eye
Red Tigers Eye

💖 Dimensions of Hearts:

Length Range: ~1.6"-1.7" / 40-46mm
Width Range: ~1.4"-1.5" / 38-40mm
Thickness Range: ~0.7"-0.9" / 19-22mm

💎 Uses:

- Use these crystals in meditation, chakra layouts or as beautiful colorful decor for your bedroom or office space.

- Use these colorful crystal hearts for wedding table decor, table decor, or your craft projects. Also makes a perfect crystal gift set for an anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.

- Share a different color heart with each of your friends or family members, so you're all connected through the colors of the rainbow.

💎 Chakra Layout Crystal Placement Suggestions:

Lepidolite: Crown / Third Eye
Lapis Lazuli: Third Eye / Throat
Green Fluorite: Heart / Third Eye
Tigers Eye: Solar Plexus / Root
Carnelian: Sacral / Root
Red Tigers Eye: Root / Heart
Hematite: Earth Star / Root
Pyrite: Crown/ Solar Plexus
Shungite: Root

💎 Crystal Heart Connection Suggestions:

Lepidolite: Relaxation and Dream Recall
Lapis Lazuli: Intuitive Communication
Green Fluorite: Clearing Emotions
Tigers Eye: Manifestation and Courage
Carnelian: Passion and Creativity
Red Tigers Eye: Motivation and Confidence
Hematite: Protection and Grounding
Pyrite: Prosperity and Empowerment
Shungite: Transmuting Negative Vibes

*Photos #4 and #5 show a seashell which is not included in the set. Seashell for display purposes only.

Due to the nature of computer monitor calibration, please expect minor color variations from what is seen in the photos to what is viewed in real life or in indoor lighting.

Your crystal set will include a keeper bag for all the hearts. The entire gift set will be carefully gift wrapped and ready for gift giving!

All sets have been hand selected for quality. The photos represent an example of what each bundle will contain. Due to the nature and uniqueness of all crystals, please expect variations in color, inclusions and surface variations on all items for your chosen bundle.