Orange Sorbet Calcite Palm Stone

Orange Sorbet Calcite Palm Stone

$7.00 USD
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Receive one Orange Calcite crystal palm stone that resembles a tasty orange sorbet treat!

These medium sized genuine yellow-orange Calcite palm stones fit comfortably in the palm of your hand during meditation and lay flat for layouts.

These Calcite crystals have a light yellow-orange toned natural color. Some have white natural inclusions or lighter areas. Some are lighter in color and some are darker. Each piece is unique.

Length: ~45mm or ~1.8"
Width: ~35mm or ~1.4"
Thickness: ~15mm or ~0.6"

Weight Range: 38-41g

Origin: Madagascar

The natural sunny color of these calcite crystals can instantly exude a feeling of joy and excitement when you hold them.

Calcite has a moh's hardness of 3 and is a calcium carbonate mineral.

I will intuitively pick the best piece calling to be with you. They are all wonderful pieces and will provide the energy you're looking for!

Ways to Use Orange Calcite:

- Place an orange calcite on the solar plexus and sacral chakras in crystal layouts.
- Carry your calcite palm stone in a pouch to give you a boost throughout the day.
- Use orange calcite in a crystal grid to empower your intentions.

Due to the nature of all crystals being created from the Earth, expect natural indentations, irregularities, patterning, surface texture and inclusions.