Black Tourmaline Palm Stone

Black Tourmaline Palm Stone

$32.00 USD
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This listing is for ONE premium Black Tourmaline Palm Stone. These were hand selected from Madagascar for their beautiful dark color quality and minimal inclusions. Black Tourmaline is an excellent protection and grounding crystal that is also known as Schorl.

These crystals have unique properties of being pyroelectric and piezoelectric. They possess a trigonal crystal structure with a Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5.

Everyone can benefit from using black tourmaline. Life's stressful situations can put us out of balance and this crystal can help center and ground you in times of need. 

Your Black Tourmaline Palm Stone will arrive carefully gift wrapped with a keepsake bag. It is a must have for every crystal lover.

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Crystal Dimensions:

(2.2" - 2.3") x (2.1" - 2.2") x (1.4" - 1.6") 
(57-59mm) x (52-55mm) x (35-40mm) 
Weight: 6oz - 7.02oz / 171-204g
*Your palm stone will be chosen out of the 3 available Large pieces.

Extra Large:  
2.8" x 2.2" x 1.7"
(71mm x 57mm x 42mm)
Weight: 9.8oz (280 g)
*Only one available in this size.