Fairy Dust Large Quartz Collector Point

Fairy Dust Large Quartz Collector Point

$444.00 USD
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Say hello to your new Quartz collector crystal! This large point features fairy dusting formations (which are numerous mini crystal point formations that grew on top of the main point). There are also gorgeous rainbow inclusions that emanate from within the crystal.

At almost five inches long, this Quartz has gorgeous inner clarity and holds a beautiful secret feature inside. There is a penetrator quartz formation inside which is the growth of an inner point within the main crystal point. See the last photo.

This special crystal is different than what they call a "manifestation point" because the shape of the inner penetrator point is different in shape than the main crystal. A manifestation point or phantom formation inside a crystal usually takes the same formation as the main point.

This Quartz display crystal is a perfect for a family room or group setting to help promote relationship unification. Due to its unique structure and formation, it also carries the symbolism that we are all connected and unified as one whole.

If you're looking for a perfect crystal to display in your family room, yoga studio, office or living room, consider this beautiful manifestation of divine embodiment. Lays on its side so that the top fairy dusted formations are showcased to catch the light and sparkle the energy around the room.

This unique large Quartz point will make a perfect collector keepsake and family heirloom to pass on for many generations!

Dimensions: (when laying on its flat side on a table surface)
4.7" x 3.3" x 2.8"
12cm (length) x 8.5cm (width) x 7.2cm (height)

Weight: 1lb 7.6oz
Origin: Ron Coleman Mine in Arkansas, USA

This Quartz crystal was also charged at the yin/yang energy vortex at Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ. This vortex area helps one to balance their masculine and feminine energies. Use this crystal as a meditative tool, to activate your crystal grid or to keep in your sacred space. Your crystal will be carefully wrapped and ready to love!