Rare Tugtupite Pink Fluorescent Gold Pendant

Rare Tugtupite Pink Fluorescent Gold Pendant

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Gift this rare Tugtupite Crystal Pendant to someone you love or to yourself as a symbol of self love!

This natural color changing teardrop crystal has gorgeous pink tones that contrast beautifully against the gilded setting.

Tugtupite glows a bright pink color under UV light. It also exhibits a unique quality called "Tenebrescence".

I've included varying photos of this pendant:
- Intensifying to a darker and brighter pink when exposed to sunlight
- Indoors under LED lighting a few hours after it was exposed to sunlight
- Fluorescing under a blacklight UV flashlight

A keepsake box and a free crystal gift will also come with your pendant. 

Dimensions of Crystal & Setting:
21mm x 15mm x 6mm
0.8" x 0.6" x 0.2"

Length with Bail: 1.3" (32mm)

Weight: 4g
Setting: 24K Gold Plated Sterling Silver

♥ Chain sold separately  Choose a chain here.

*PLEASE NOTE: the Tugtupite crystal is a bit lighter in color when stored in a box and not exposed to UV light or sunlight. The color is more like strawberry ice cream or pink bubblegum. 

Photos show the Tugtupite pendant under LED lighting a few hours after it was exposed to sunlight. A few photos also show the pendant fluorescing under a blacklight flashlight.

Tugtupite has been coveted by Greenland Inuits for millennia and is considered a mineral aphrodisiac of love. This stone is hard to acquire since the ground in Greenland is frozen for the majority of the year. Tugtupite is made of a rare beryllium aluminum tectosilicate.

The duality of gold and silver metals in this pendant provide a metal balance that complements this rare mineral.

Read more about Tugtupite in my article here.

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