Tugtupite Fluorescent & Tenebrescent Pendant

Tugtupite Fluorescent & Tenebrescent Pendant

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If you're looking for a beautiful and rare crystal to wear, consider this genuine Tugtupite pendant!

This natural color changing crystal has gorgeous pink tones that contrast beautifully against the gilded setting.

This hot pepper shaped Tugtupite crystal fluoresces a bright pink color under black UV light.

Tugtupite also exhibits a unique quality called "Tenebrescence".

I've included varying photos of this pendant:
- Intensifying to a darker and brighter pink when exposed to sunlight
- Indoors under LED lighting
- Fluorescing under a blacklight UV flashlight

This rare crystal is an amazing collector piece for your jewelry collection that you can pass on to loved ones.

A keepsake box and a free crystal gift will also come with your pendant. 


Crystal & Setting:
1.1" x 0.5" x 0.2"
29mm x 13mm x 5mm

Length with Bail:
1.5" (39mm)

Weight: 4g
Setting: 24K Gold Plated Sterling Silver

 Chain sold separately ➠ Choose a chain here.

*PLEASE NOTE: the Tugtupite crystal is a bit lighter in color when stored in a box and not exposed to UV light or sunlight. The color is more like strawberry ice cream or pink bubblegum. 

Photos show the Tugtupite pendant under LED lighting a few hours after it was exposed to sunlight. A few photos also show the pendant fluorescing under a blacklight flashlight.

Tugtupite has been coveted by Greenland Inuits for millennia and is considered a mineral aphrodisiac of love. Tugtupite is hard to acquire because the ground in Greenland is frozen during most of the year. 

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