Star Rose Quartz Sphere

Star Rose Quartz Sphere

$1,444.00 USD
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This gorgeous extra large Star Rose Quartz Sphere radiates a mesmerizing natural six pointed star! Makes the perfect display piece for any room or sacred space.

Because crystal spheres radiate energy in all directions, this crystal would also be great on your mantle or table. Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love and this beauty would make a perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary or for self-love!

The six star ray formation in this sphere is a result of microscopic rutile inclusions inside the crystal. This gemmy beauty also features rainbow inclusions and inclusions of grounding Hematite (aka. Iron).

When you receive your Star Rose Quartz Sphere, take it outside under bright sunlight to reveal the inner natural asterism. Tilt the sphere gently to reveal the star lines. There's a specific area on the sphere where you'll see three magical light rays converge into a six ray star!

This beautiful Star Rose Quartz Sphere will arrive carefully gift wrapped and ready to love. 

Dimensions: 8.3" (21 cm)
Weight: 7.3 lbs (3.3 kg)
Origin: Madagascar