SHINE BRIGHT Holographic Rainbow Sticker

SHINE BRIGHT Holographic Rainbow Sticker

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SHINE BRIGHT Holographic Rainbow Sticker

Large, vibrant and shiny colorful holo sticker to motivate you to shine your brightest light!

The positive "Shine Bright " message will brighten your day with its Labradorite crystal inspired background and rainbow iridescence.

Add this sticker on your items or your children's fav items as a reminder that the love within one's heart will make the world a better place. :)

Mock up examples show an approximate size representation. Please measure your object to ensure the size works for you.

Please refer to the other photos to see how the actual holo effect looks over the entire sticker and white text.

3" x 3"

Ideas for use:
⭐ Laptop Decal
⭐ Giveaway Bag Decor
⭐ Bumper Sticker
⭐ Binder or Notebook Sticker
⭐ Scrapbooking
⭐ Vision Boards
⭐ Skate Board
⭐ Desk Pinboard Motivational Decor
⭐ Apply on Birthday Gift Packaging
⭐ Apply on Mugs or Glass Jars or Bottles for a nice color pop!
⭐ Send to others to brighten their day!

Backside is plain white in case you want to write a personalized message for gift giving.

Arrives in an envelope with thicker layered stock paper to prevent bending.

Colors captured on smart phone may vary slightly in real life. Shine a flashlight or bring the sticker outside under bright sunshine to appreciate its maximum beauty.

Vinyl with Holographic Finish

- Vibrant full color print
- White premium PP film with a permanent adhesive
- PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight
- 2-4 year outdoor life
- PVC free product
- Glossy sheen
- Made in the USA

TIP: For best results, clean the area you are going to place your sticker to prior to application. Ideal places are smooth, clean surfaces that have no ridges or nooks and crannies.

Used stickers cannot be returned. Please message the shop if you're interested in bulk order pricing.

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