Rainbow Labradorite Large Decor Crystal 4.2"

Rainbow Labradorite Large Decor Crystal 4.2"

$199.00 USD
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Say hello to your new Labradorite decor crystal that shines gorgeous rainbow flash! This beautiful polished specimen stands flat on any table top and will light up your space with colorful vibes.

This rainbow Labradorite crystal radiates these colors on the forward facing side of the freeform: lemon yellow, gold, periwinkle blue, seafoam green, electric blue, pink and tangerine orange.

Colors vary depending on the type of lighting used to view the Labradorite's chatoyancy. The bottom and sides of this piece are primarily grey with hints of various colored flash.

Display this specimen in your living area, office or sacred space for energy protection. Labradorite is a chameleon crystal and its tone varies in different lighting conditions and angles.

4.2" x 4.2" x 2.2"
106mm x 106mm x 57mm
2.4lbs / 1.09kg

Due to the nature of computer monitor calibration, please expect minor color variations from what is seen in the photos to what is viewed in real life or in indoor lighting. Coloration in the photos have not been altered and what is shown was captured with my camera with natural sunlight outdoors and LED light indoors. The camera auto adjusts and makes the background darker because the flash emanating from the crystal is bright.

Please expect variations in texture, inner fissures and minute subtle indentations on the smooth surface due to the natural material of this Labradorite.

Display Ideas For Your Labradorite:

-- Display in your entry way table
-- Place it on your desk 
-- Keep it on your bedside table

Your Rainbow Labradorite crystal will arrive carefully wrapped and ready to love!