Tigers Eye Heart Palm Stone

Tigers Eye Heart Palm Stone

$12.00 USD
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Feel the love when you hold this Tigers Eye palm stone crystal heart!

This flashy polished hand-carved crystal exudes varying shades of gold and brown that move under the light when you tilt it back and forth. Take this beauty outside under sunlight to experience its fullest potential.

Work with Tiger Eye crystal for empowerment, prosperity and abundance. The compact shape makes this crystal easy to use in grids. Use in meditation and energy layouts.

Your crystal will be intuitively chosen and carefully gift wrapped with an organza bag.


Length Range: ~1.7" / 43mm
Width Range: ~1.4" / 36mm
Thickness Range: ~0.8" / 19mm
Weight Range: 1.5oz / 42g

Perfect for: Solar Plexus / Root Chakras

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