Genuine Greenland Nuummite Chip Bracelet

Genuine Greenland Nuummite Chip Bracelet

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Genuine Greenland Nuummite Crystal Stretch Bracelet

Nuummite bracelets are rare, unique and a treasure to own in your crystal bracelet collection.

Nuummite is the oldest crystal on this planet at 3 billion years old. The crystal beads originate from Nuuk, Greenland and this crystal was just recently discovered in 1982. The polished chip beads of this bracelet are black, like the night sky, with flashy inclusions of gedrite and anthophyllite.

Chunky mixed size chip bracelet style currently available. *These are shown in the photos as the chunkier chip bracelet with nicer sized crystals. Quantities limited.

Don't be fooled by the other fake Nuummite that is running rampant online. You're getting the real deal Sorcerer's Stone here! This bracelet is the perfect crystal to wear for empaths. Nuummite shields and transmutes.

Standard size: 7"
Chip Width: 8mm - 14mm
Weight: 37-43g

Resizing unavailable at this time.

Each bead is unique in shape and hole placement varies. Some beads in the bracelet exhibit spectacular flash with various textured and shaped beads.

To maintain bracelet integrity, please roll on and off for easy removal. Be gentle and do not overstretch or pull with force.

These bracelets cannot be resized and are final sale. Crystal Rock Star is not responsible for breakage and cannot issue refunds or repairs for worn bracelets.

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