Meteor Shower Dark Sunstone Silver Bracelet

Meteor Shower Dark Sunstone Silver Bracelet

$498.00 USD
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If you're a lover of things rainbow and galactic, this gorgeous Meteor Shower Sunstone crystal bracelet is perfect for you! Features five separate rainbow shimmery crystals in assorted shapes.

The flashy Sunstone crystals in this bracelet have natural shooting star streaks of rainbow colors that resemble a meteor shower. Take your bracelet outside under sunlight to see the color spectrum radiating from each crystal.

The rainbow streaks in the Sunstone crystals are inclusions of Hematite.

Get this special cosmic themed collector bracelet today or gift it to a friend for a meaningful one-of-a-kind gift!

Adjustable sizing with a toggle closure.

Fits wrist sizes: 7", 7.75" and 8.25"

Toggle Closure: Three 48mm adjustable rings. 13mm long toggle stick to put into the ring that fits you the best.

Dimensions of Overall Bracelet:
1.2" Wide x 0.3" Thick
(30mm Wide x 8mm Thick)
Total Length: 8.25" (210mm)
Weight: 48g

Origin: India

Your galactic Meteor Shower Sunstone crystal bracelet will arrive with a keepsake box and sleeper bag.

Photos taken outdoors in natural sunlight to show the rainbow meteor-like streaks that reside within the crystal. I have a small wrist, so the photos don't do this bracelet justice. See wrist sizing above for best fit. Please measure your wrist with a string first before ordering.

The last few photos were taken indoors under LED light to show the variance in color and shine depending on your lighting conditions. The crystals have a primarily dark gray tone.

Viewing your bracelet under sunlight or with a flashlight best reveals the magical rainbow meteor shower streaks!

*Natural inner fissures and surface variances within each crystal cabochon in this bracelet are to be expected.