Hematoid Fire Rose Quartz Sphere - Dragon Eye

Hematoid Fire Rose Quartz Sphere - Dragon Eye

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Fire Quartz Sphere, Dragon Eye Ball, Hematite Quartz Sphere, Iron Rose Quartz Sphere, Crystal Grid, Cat Eye, Hematoid Rose Quartz Sphere


Add this unique Dragon Eye Fire Quartz sphere to your collection!

Fire Quartz is also called Hematoid Quartz, Hematoid Rose Quartz or Iron Rose Quartz

This beautiful collector sphere has nice peach tones due to the natural inner fissures and inclusions of Hematite within Rose Quartz.

Makes a perfect gift for lovers of dragons! The eye formation also looks like a cat's eye.

Comes with a keepsake bag and carefully wrapped.

54mm / 2.1"

Weight: 7.8oz / 222g

Origin: Madagascar

No heat treatment, all natural. This sphere is from treasured stock from over a decade ago!

Iron Rose Quartz is considered an adaptogenic BG3 classified grounding crystal with recharging and centering qualities.

This sphere has been stored in my private collection for a decade now, but I feel like its meant for someone else out there that needs it more. If this is you, thank you for feeling the call of this crystal and finding what's meant to be with you. 💚

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