Gem Rhodonite A Grade Crystal Bracelet

Gem Rhodonite A Grade Crystal Bracelet

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Rhodonite Bracelet, Berry Pink Crystal Bracelet, Stretch Stack Bracelet, Natural Genuine Gemstone Beads, Friendship Bracelet


This high quality Gem Rhodonite crystal bracelet has beautiful raspberry pink tones.

Beloved Rhodonite is a must have crystal when you want to embody a life of loving yourself and others to a higher standard. Wear Rhodonite when you're looking for love outside of yourself through addiction, escapism, etc. This crystal can serve as a reminder that the love you need lives within you.

Natural inclusions, color variations and inner lines are to be expected with the natural material of this bracelet.



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Bead Size: 6MM (6.2 - 6.4mm) *SOLD OUT*
Bracelet Size: 6.8" (Fits standard 6.5" to 6.8" wrists)
Weight: 15g

Bead Size: 8MM (7.6 - 7.8mm)
Bracelet Sizes: 6.5" (6.5" fits standard 6" to 6.5" wrists)
Weight: 21-22g
*Only 1 Left

Bead Size: 10MM 
Bracelet Size: 6.8" (Fits standard 6.5" to 7" wrists)
Weight: 40g
*Only 1 Left

Moh's Hardness: 6.5 - 7.2
Origin: Brazil
Themes: Compassion, Being the Peacekeeper, Strengthening Self-Love

*Measure your wrist before ordering. Bracelet resizing not available at this time. You will receive 1 bracelet.

Order includes a reusable jewelry box and storage bag.

Refunds not available for broken stretch bracelets due to regular wear. Please practice care in removing bracelet by rolling it off the hand & wrist gently. Do not swim, shower, exercise or engage in rigorous activities while wearing this bracelet.

♥ Match your Gem Rhodonite bracelet with a beautiful rare chatoyant Gem Rhodonite pendant! Choose your fav and explore the Gem Rhodonite Collection.

Differences in color tone seen on digital screens will vary compared to tones seen in real life. In real life the bracelet is not as saturated in color. Mobile phone cameras have built in technology that may tweak coloring slightly. Photos taken indoors under studio LED lighting and outdoors under sunlight to show the nuances of light on the gemstone.

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