Black Tourmaline Crystal Bracelet 6mm Beads

Black Tourmaline Crystal Bracelet 6mm Beads

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Black Tourmaline Crystal Bead Protection Bracelet, 6mm Beads, EMF Empath Protection, Crystal Lover Gift, Friendship BFF Yoga Bracelet


Receive ONE genuine Black Tourmaline beaded stretch bracelet, or get two to stack on each arm.

The Tourmaline beads are all natural and not stabilized like Tourmaline beads you see online that are pure black. You can see nice inclusions of quartz, hematite and matrix with these beads to ensure their pure crystal quality.

-- Bracelet length: ~7"
-- Bead width range: 6mm - 6.5mm
-- Beads strung on stretchy cord for easy on-and-off removal.
Weight: 10-12g

Black Tourmaline:
-- Powerful protective crystal that transmutes negative energies.
-- Strengthens intentions for energetic aura protection.
-- Protects against harmful EMF and releases stress.
-- Supportive crystal for Root and Earth Star chakras.

Wear alone or stack with other bracelets. Comes with a gift bag and carefully wrapped.

Colors on the screen may vary in real life due to calibration and differing lighting conditions. View your bracelet under bright sunlight for best vibrancy. Photos and video taken with bright LED lights.

Please refrain from getting this bracelet wet to maintain the integrity of the bracelet. Remove during strenuous activity, washing dishes, cleaning, showering, etc. Roll off gently during removal.

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