Rare Tsavorite Garnet Stretch Bracelet 6"

Rare Tsavorite Garnet Stretch Bracelet 6"

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Rare Tsavorite Garnet Stretch 6" Bracelet, Genuine A Grade 6mm Natural Green Crystal Round Beads, Jewelry Gift for Her, January Birthstone


A rare Tsavorite Garnet green crystal bracelet will be a treasured addition to your crystal jewelry collection! You will receive one of the two available bracelets shown in the photos and video.

Tsavorite is an emerald-green variety of Grossular Garnet. The beads in this bracelet have gorgeous tones of emerald and dark forest green from the mineral inclusions of chromium and vanadium.

This type of green Garnet is the rarest kind in the world and can only be found in Kenya and Tanzania. Tsavorite was discovered by British geologist Campbell R. Bridges in 1967. It was named by Harry Platt of Tiffany & Company (New York) after the Tsavo Game Reserve in Kenya where it was originally found.

Tsavorite Garnet formed over 2 billion years ago near Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Please be aware, it may be hard to see this in the photos, but the green garnet beads in the bracelet are a gorgeous mix of translucent, semi-translucent and opaque qualities. The opaque or semi-translucent beads may have a mix of green/light green colors. I also see a few beads with white inclusions in the mix.

Natural color variations, inclusions and inner crystal lines are to be expected with the natural material crystal bracelets. Colors look bright and glassy under LED lighting. In ambient indoor lighting, expect colors to look darker or duller. View under sunlight or with a flashlight for best vibrance.



Bracelet Size: ~6"
Bead Size: ~6mm
Bead Count: 29 Beads
Weight: 12-13g
Moh's Hardness: 6.5 - 7.5
Crystal Origin: Kenya
Themes: Vitality, Prosperity, Self-Love, Recovery

*Measure your wrist before ordering. Bracelet resizing not available at this time.

Order includes a reusable jewelry box and storage bag.

Refunds not available for broken stretch bracelets due to regular wear. Please practice care in removing your bracelet by rolling it off the hand & wrist gently. Do not swim, shower, exercise or engage in rigorous activities while wearing this bracelet.

Suggestions for Use:

♥ Place your Tsavorite Garnet bracelet over the heart chakra area in layout sessions.
♥ Wear on your preferred wrist during meditation. Left wrist is recommended because one of the main meridian energy lines runs up the left hand to the heart.
♥ Pair with 3 billion year old Nuummite for to unlock downloads from deep meditative journeys.
♥ When practicing yoga, wear this bracelet to help you stay energized, in flow and heart centered.

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