Lapis Lazuli Teen Bangle 54mm Scarf Ring

Lapis Lazuli Teen Bangle 54mm Scarf Ring

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Receive this exact blue Lapis Lazuli bangle bracelet shown in the photos and video.

*Please note this bracelet is on the small side, and if wearing as a bracelet, would fit a teen or child better. Measure before ordering.

This beauty was hand polished and carved from one large chunk of genuine natural Lapis Lazuli.

Features a round smooth shape that is called a princess style bangle.

Beloved Lapis Lazuli is an excellent crystal to wear to enhance the flow of energy through your crown chakra and to strengthen your third eye intuitive abilities.

Wear this bangle bracelet when you need a crystal boost of confidence and inner empowerment.


Inner Diameter of Bangle: 54mm (2.1")
Diameter of outer edge of bangle: 70mm (2.8")
Thickness: 9mm (0.35")
Weight: 37g

*Photos taken under bright LED lighting to showcase the stunning cobalt natural blue color. The bracelet appears a darker navy blue in dimmer lighting. This bangle is all natural Lapis Lazuli, unheated and definitely not dyed.


Please measure the width of your palm before ordering to avoid sizing issues. To measure bangle bracelet fit, clench/gather all 5 fingers and thumb together and measure the diameter of the widest area of your palm (around the knuckles or base of thumb area) to see if the inner diameter of the bangle size will fit you.

If your widest palm area while your hand clenched is between 15cm - 17cm or (5.9" - 6.7"), then this bangle should fit ok.

You can also measure the width of your palm. If the measurement falls between these sizes: 64mm - 68mm or (2.5" - 2.7"), then the bangle should fit.

This particular bangle size is small, so please note it will probably fit a more petite hand/wrist or be suited for a child or teen. Please measure carefully before ordering.


This Lapis Lazuli bangle can be also used as:
* Crystal Grid center stabilizer ring for a larger sphere or point
* Scarf or sarong ring (but please know your wrap techniques perfectly, so as not to drop the Lapis accidentally on the floor, as it may crack.) I saw this online and you can try being creative with it!
* Meditation / Body Layouts (Lay the ring flat on the body or over the third eye while laying down. If some of your smooth tumbled stones don't stay put over the forehead, this Lapis ring can help corral the stone from falling off the face.)
* Stabilizer for a smaller (~7") round bottom sound bowl

♥ For Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat

♥ Lapis Lazuli was revered by ancient Egyptians for its properties. Considered a stone of royalty, Cleopatra realized the potential of this stone and loved Lapis Lazuli so much that during her reign she lined her palace walls with thick slabs of lapis and even wore it ground up to use as eye shadow. If you're in need of confidence boosting inner-power, improving communication and tapping into your hidden talents and wisdom, consider wearing Lapis Lazuli!

♥ Wear alone or stack with other bracelets.

♥ For best care, please remove bracelet before showering, swimming, working out, strenuous activities or washing dishes.

♥ Your Lapis Lazuli bangle bracelet will arrive with a jewelry bag.

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