Water Dragon Crystallized Seashell Pendant

Water Dragon Crystallized Seashell Pendant

$199.00 USD
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This Water Dragon Crystallized Seashell Pendant is an energetic work of art! The main crystal is a fossilized seashell formed naturally over millions of years. A metal clay carved Water Dragon with pink Swarovski crystal eyes protects the sparkling quartz druze of this ancient seashell. This large pendant is a magical statement piece for dragon lovers and those with a connection to the sea!

Also known as Spiralite, this fossil seashell was once living in a prehistoric sea called Tethys, which since dried up and is now modern day India. Spiralite contains the frequencies of our planet for millions of years due to its energetic imprint of being submerged in water. Ocean water holds energetic frequencies that have been sonar influenced by the dolphin and whale guardians of the planet, as well as the solar energies coming into contact with the Earth. 

Dimensions of Crystal Spiralite:
2.4" x 1.9" x 1.3"
61mm x 47mm x 33mm
Total Length: 3" (75mm)
Weight: 49g

Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.