Rare Tugtupite Diamond Pendant

Rare Tugtupite Diamond Pendant

$555.00 USD
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Consider this genuine Rare Tugtupite Diamond Pendant! All natural, this unique pink crystal has color changing magical abilities that will make it your fav crystal jewelry piece. Wear this crystal for dimensional dream work and parallel life connection. Tugtupite is said to be a mineral aphrodisiac of love by the Inuits from Greenland.

Tugtupite is extremely hard to mine because Greenland is frozen most of the year. This rare beryllium aluminum tectosilicate has a diamond shaped cabochon. This particular Tugtupite crystal glows a gorgeous salmon pink under black UV light and shifts to a magenta pink under sunlight. Chain sold separately.


Crystal: 0.8" x 0.3" x 0.2"
19mm x 19mm x 6mm

Overall Length:
1.3" (33mm)

Weight: 4g
Sterling Silver bail and setting
Moh's hardness: 4