Tibetan Tektite Raven Pendant

Tibetan Tektite Raven Pendant

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Add this beautiful black Tibetan Tektite Raven Pendant to your collection!

This genuine tektite was hand carved and polished into the head of a wise bird, the raven! Features sterling silver framework for the eyes, backing and ringed bail. Makes a perfect gift if your spirit animal is the raven or if you're a bird lover.

Length: 1.8" / 45mm
Width: 0.6" / 16mm
Thickness: 0.5" / 12mm
Length with Bail: 2.4" / 60mm
Weight: 11g / 0.4oz

Element: Storm
Origin: Tibet

The silver eye coverings on this raven can symbolize the eyes. Or take it to a metaphorical level and the silver eyes can be considered "blinders". This pendant can remind you to use your third eye intuition when needed and to not always trust what your regular eyes "see".

Wear this Tektite if you want to improve your inter dimensional and telepathic communication abilities. Tektite can also improve one's overall chakra flow and heighten the energy of your auric field.

Comes with a box for easy gifting.

For best care, remove this pendant during any contact with water or exercise.

This listing is for the pendant only. Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.