Tibetan Enhydro Quartz Pendant

Tibetan Enhydro Quartz Pendant

$179.00 USD
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This rare Tibetan Enhydro Quartz Pendant has a water bubble inside that holds ancient energies of our Earth from millions of years ago. The water cavern holds black carbon particles within, which is the common element of all known life. The carbon particles moves up and down within its water bubble inner cavern about 3mm within the crystal.

The combination of the water element and earth elements in this pendant can serve as a meditative reminder to go with the flow and stay grounded during life's more challenging moments. The water bubble area is outlined with a marker as shown in the photos. Once you're familiar with the location of the water bubble, you may easily remove the marking with your natural cleanser of choice. Your stunning new Tibetan Enhydro Quartz Pendant will arrive with a gift box.

Setting: .925 Sterling Silver prong frame work with open back.

1.3" x 0.9" x 0.7"
33mm x 22mm x 18mm

Length with bail:
1.8" / 46mm

Weight: 20g