Surf Wave Titanium Kyanite Oceanarium

Surf Wave Titanium Kyanite Oceanarium

$33.33 USD
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Keep the magic of the ocean close to your heart with this mini Crystal Oceanarium! This ocean version of a terrarium features a unique titanium black kyanite crystal that has a natural formation of a wave. If you're a swimmer, surfer or lover of the ocean, you will fall in love with this little jar of ocean love. This ocean themed creation is perfect for surfers, mermaid & dolphin lovers and pisces or water element babies. If you have a deep connection to Atlantis, this oceanarium symbolizes a memory of that golden age and the deluge that ended a grand era.


  • A stunning blue titanium kyanite crystal wave - This kyanite has been vapor infused with titanium metal to boost kyanite's clearing and aligning energies. (2")
  • 2 mini starfish from the Atlantic Ocean (natural and blue dyed) (.75")
  • Fine shimmery white sand (104g)
  • 1 small glass jar with lid so you can keep your ocean treasures dust free and safe! 
  • (3" diameter x 3" high with lid on. 3.1" high with lid on)

*Upon purchase, all items will be wrapped individually in bubble wrapped pieces and placed in a box with padded protection. You simply just unwrap, then add the items into the jar and arrange as you desire! Please be gentle with the glass jar and all it's precious contents. All pieces are precious and like to be handled carefully.