Sunstone Mermaid Crystal Ball Set with Seashell Holder

Sunstone Mermaid Crystal Ball Set with Seashell Holder

$144.00 USD
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Gift yourself a Mermaid Treasure Sunstone Crystal Set! These gem Sunstone spheres have natural shimmery orange color that reflect light unlike lower grade Sunstone on the market.

All spheres hav beautiful flash and some have rainbow inclusions of hematite. This listing includes a seashell scallop holder stand for the sphere to give a nice pearl-in-shell decorative look.

Reference the photos and choose your fav in the drop down. View a video of these spheres here:

Meditate with Sunstone and use it for sacral chakra balancing and manifestation energy work. This natural premium Sunstone crystal will positively uplift your emotions when you need it most.

Remaining Sunstone Sphere Left:

22mm (0.9") diameter
*Has a small indentation. Pricing adjusted.


Sunstone is a must have sacral chakra crystal that holds empowering yang type energy. Hold this small sphere in your hand during your morning meditation to manifest a positive day full of optimistic blessings!

If you're looking for a healing tool to kick yourself out of a rut and bring a boost of positive action and emotion to your life, consider working with the happy vibrations of sunstone! These dazzling gemmy Sunstone spheres will uplift you whenever you may feel depressed or stressed out. Work with this crystal to help you remember that above any cloudy skies, there are always blue skies and sunshine!

Pricing is relative to quality. Seashell holder included with each sphere.