Gem Sunstone Rainbow Sprinkles Tumbled

Gem Sunstone Rainbow Sprinkles Tumbled

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Say hello to your new Rainbow Sprinkles Sunstone tumbled extra large crystal that will instantly shower you with happiness and joy. This gem grade tumbled treasure from India has embedded rainbow sprinkles that shine out spectrums of inner light. Unlike low grade Sunstone on the market, this beauty has inner "Rainbow Confetti"!

Work with Rainbow Sunstone to honor the energies of fire, for sacral chakra work and to boost your masculine energies. Hold this crystal in your receiving hand during your morning meditation to manifest a positive day full of optimistic blessings.

If you're searching for the perfect crystal to shift you out of stagnancy and bring a boost of positive action and emotion to your life, the happy vibrations of Rainbow Sunstone is for you! Dazzling gemmy Rainbow Sunstone will uplift you when your vibrations are feeling low.

1.34" x 1.30" x 0.75"
34mm x 33mm x 19mm