Stargate Portal Sacred Geometry Bracelet

Stargate Portal Sacred Geometry Bracelet

$44.00 USD
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If you're a lover of sci-fi and all things galactic, this Stargate Portal Sacred Geometry Bracelet is the perfect bracelet for you!

The hand crafted golden brass metal framework showcases an eight sided dimensional star where four pointed stars can be seen from above and below. The two four pointed stars are bonded together to form a toroidal field look when viewed from the side.

The bracelet's Stargate center piece is also called a hypercube, also known as a 4D tesseract. The red nylon spiral twist band has pull strings so you can adjust the bracelet band to fit your wrist.


Brass Centerpiece: 
0.8" x 0.8" x 0.4"
21mm x 21mm x 10mm
Fits wrists: 5" - 6.5"

For best care remove during water activities, bathing or strenuous exercise. Comes with a keepsake box.