Star Ruby Pyramid Ring Size 8

Star Ruby Pyramid Ring Size 8

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You'll fall in love with this unique natural Star Ruby Pyramid Ring set in 925 sterling silver. A perfect ring for those with a past life or spiritual connection to ancient Egypt or Atlantis. Wear this Star Ruby ring on your dominant hand to easily manifest your dreams into reality. The gorgeous Star Ruby crystal has a vivid naturally occurring six pointed star that displays prominently under the sun's energies. 

The numerous photos of the dynamic starlight rays show depth and dimensional shine behind the natural pyramid formation. Tilt this Star Ruby Pyramid ring at just the right angle and you can make a light beam shoot out from the top of the pyramid!

Wear this Star Ruby ring to strengthen your energy force and align your energy bodies to release stuck energy blocks. Ruby is a crystal loved through time and is said to have potent magical protection properties. If you're a Reiki or Crystal Healer, Star Ruby assists with focusing healing energies during clearing sessions.

Your Star Ruby Pyramid Ring arrives with a keepsake gift box and ready to love. Get this rare one of a kind beauty today before someone else does! When you receive it, take it outside to view it's inner shine.

Ring Size: 8
Crystal Size: .71" x .43" x .31"  (18mm x 11mm x 8mm)
Band Width: .12" (3mm)