Star Garnet Sphere for Stability and Vitality

Star Garnet Sphere for Stability and Vitality

$175.00 USD
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This breathtaking Star Almandine Garnet Crystal Sphere is a must have crystal for your crystal ball collection! Did you know that not all Garnet spheres exhibit this four star phenomenon?

The red burgundy wine color and energetic properties of this crystal are an excellent tool for root chakra work, grounding and heart-centered meditations.

This burgundy wine colored sphere is unique because when held up to the sun you can see a four pointed star in multiple areas of the sphere. Rotate the sphere while holding it up to sunlight and you will see beautiful star lines that look like they're hovering above the crystal!

The star lines resemble Earth's ley lines that traverse around the planet! It is truly a magical sight to see due to the mineral structure of the crystal reflecting light back out to you. Garnet is one of only three crystals that have a single refraction property (the other two are diamond and spinel).

Your star garnet sphere will become a go-to crystal in your meditation collection for grounding to Mother Earth. Work with garnet crystal for stability, vitality, energy boosting and empowerment.

The photos don't do this sphere justice. It's an experience in deep grounding energy and a must have to hold!

Dimensions: 2.2" / 55mm
Weight: 13oz / 367g
Moh's hardness: 6.5 - 7.5
Lower Chakras: Root, Earth Star
Origins: India

Suggested ways to work with Garnet:

Use this crystal sphere for grounding meditations to connect your higher self with the healing and magnetizing powers of the Earth. Hold this crystal ball in deep meditation to raise your vibration and releaseenergies that no longer serve you.

Because crystal spheres radiate energy in all directions, this crystal would be great for use in a root and heart chakra crystal grid to improve your health, financial success and love life. Surround this sphere with other crystals like ruby, red jasper or smoky quartz!