Smokey Quartz with Rare Brookite Cluster

Smokey Quartz with Rare Brookite Cluster

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This Smoky Quartz crystal cluster from Arkansas has a family of rare mini Brookite crystals on its surface. The Smokey Quartz points are gathered together diagonally and have a nice icy gray frozen look. 

The tiny Brookite inclusions are found on the top and bottom areas of this collector specimen. Brookite is considered a Synergy 12 Stone for activating the light body and accelerating ascension and spiritual evolution. Use in meditation for upper chakra activation and communication with interdimensional beings and spirit guides.

Finding Brookite with Quartz is a rarity and having it within Smokey Quartz makes it even more special. This cluster will become a special piece for your meditation crystal collection.


2.4" x 1.2" x 0.9"   
62mm x 30mm x 22mm

34g / 1.2oz

Origin: Magnet Cove, Hot Spring County, Arkansas. Brookite from Arkansas is also known as Arkansite.

Arkansas is known for having the highest vibration quartz on the planet and Smoky Quartz is considered a protection crystal. Keep this cluster in a crystal protection grid, on your desk or sacred space. You can also keep this cluster by your bedside table for protection, meditation and good dreams.