Ruby in Rhyolite Palm Stone for Self Love

Ruby in Rhyolite Palm Stone for Self Love

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You'll fall in love with the vibes of these gorgeous Ruby in Rhyolite Palm Stones!

Numerous magenta pink natural Rubies are embedded in gray Rhyolite. Rhyolite is an igneous rock composed of quartz, plagioclase, sanidine with some amounts of hornblende and biotite.

This combination of crystals brings a beautiful synergistic mix of frequencies for your meditation and energy work collection. Meditate with a Ruby in Rhyolite palm stone to dissolve heart chakra blockages and strengthen the heart and root chakras simultaneously.

You'll also appreciate the fluorescent bright pink glow that the Ruby crystals radiate under uv light! When I first held one of these crystals I noticed they were energetically buzzing with high vibe energy. Hold one for a perfect energy pick up when you're feeling sluggish. 

(1.8" - 2" L) x (1.3" - 1.5" W) x (0.7" - 0.9" D)
(45-50mm L) x (33-37mm W) x (19-23mm D)

Weight: 1.9 - 2.2oz / 53-61g
Origin: India

Ruby and Rhyolite work dynamically with the heart chakra to allow frequency alignment in the energy column. A multi-tasker, this crystal boosts your vitality and activates the strongest energy center of the body. Shaped like a soap bar, you can sweep this palm stone over your aura for recharging self love and empowerment.

You will receive one natural, untreated Ruby in Rhyolite palm stone that will be intuitively chosen for you. Because this crystal is all natural, please expect variations in color and texture.