Rocket Ship Heart Quartz Triple Terminated Point

Rocket Ship Heart Quartz Triple Terminated Point

$36.00 USD
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This out of this world rocket ship shaped triple terminated quartz crystal is a one of a kind Mother Earth creation!

This hand selected this piece was chosen for it's unique qualities:

- Isis face with a gorgeous rainbow inclusion through this face!
- One side has a single termination covered with fairy dusting
- The other end of this point has two points that make the crystal look like a rocket ship! If you invert it, it looks like the shape of a heart or a fox's head. Very unique!
- The two termination points are also covered with elestial mini points. Some also call this crystal with multiple elestial points an ET crystal.

Many crystal experts and spiritual leaders have said the best quality energetic quartz comes from the Arkansas area. Quartz from this area has been used and prized for thousands of years. Arkansas is the largest single strata of Quartz on planet Earth measuring 177 miles long!

Dimensions: 1.7" x 1.1" x 0.8" (43 mm x 29 mm x 21 mm)
Weight: 1.2 oz / 36g
Origin: Arkansas, USA

This quartz crystal is perfect for meditation, energy work, feng shui or to use in a crystal grid.

This unique crystal was charged at the yin/yang energy vortex at Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ. You will enjoy this piece for years to come!