Rare Tugtupite Fluorescent Pink Moon Pendant

Rare Tugtupite Fluorescent Pink Moon Pendant

$850.00 USD
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This gorgeous Tugtupite pendant looks like a full pink moon! A beautiful round pendant for lunar lovers!

Tugtupite has been used by Greenland Inuits for millennia and is considered a mineral aphrodisiac of love. The tugtupite mines in Greenland have been closed down for years now so this crystal is a treasured collectors item! Tugtupite is extremely hard to acquire since the ground in Greenland is frozen for the majority of time during the year. Tugtupite is made of a rare beryllium aluminum tectosilicate.

This crystal glows a gorgeous salmon pink color in black UV light and intensifies to a darker pink in color when exposed to sunlight. It is truly an amazing collector piece to include in your jewelry collection.


Crystal: 1" x 1" x 0.2" (25mm x 26mm 6mm)
Overall pendant length - 1.5" (37mm)
Weight: 7g
Sterling silver bail and setting
Moh's hardness: 4

Photos show the Tugtupite pendant under a UV light to show the fluorescent glow. I also included photos indoors under LED lighting to show the contrasting color change that occurs naturally with this magical crystal. Lastly, there are a few shots of the Tugtupite pendant outdoors under sunlight to display the crystal's tenebrescent properties (intensifies to a darker magenta color). The crystal charges up like a battery and maintains its darker pink tone for more than an hour!

Comes with a box. Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.