Rainbow Celestite Tumbled Stone

Rainbow Celestite Tumbled Stone

$10.00 USD
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Add this beautiful baby blue Rainbow Celestite tumbled crystal to your collection! Features natural rainbow inclusions that show up when sunlight shines through this crystal at the right angle.

Celestite has nice soothing and calming energies. It's the perfect crystal for meditation and dream work to connect with your guardian angels and spirit guides. 

30mm x 15mm x 10mm
(1.2" x 0.6" x 0.4")
Weight: 9g (0.3oz)

More Things to Know About Celestite:

* A high vibe crystal for helping you connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels and assists with divine communication.

* A great crystal for restful sleep. Can also be put in a child's room to encourage a calming environment.

* Great meditation crystal - releases anxiety and provides clarity.

* Work with this crystal to banish worries, stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

* Use for boosting the upper chakras.

* Helps with depression, fear and shyness.