Rare Grossular Green Garnet Palm Stone

Rare Grossular Green Garnet Palm Stone

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Have you felt the vibes of rare Green Grossular Garnet yet? The beautiful energy of green garnet is great for heart chakra boosting and manifesting prosperity. Grossular Garnet is a calcium aluminum silicate.

Hold your polished Green Garnet palm stone crystal in your receptive hand to give you a natural boost when your energy levels are feeling depleted.

In meditative work, use Grossular Green Garnet to enhance frequencies of abundance and to ground the energies of prosperity into your physical realm. Green Garnet is also useful for strengthening confidence and boosting self-esteem.


(2.2" L) x ( 1.7 - 1.8" W) x (0.5-0.6" D)
(56-57mm L) x (43-46mm W) x (13-15mm D)

Weight Range:
2.5 - 3oz / 72-85g

Moh's Hardness of 6.5 - 7.5
Origin: Pakistan
Chakra: Heart
Element: Earth, Water

Suggestions for Use:

♥ Place your Green Garnet palm stone over the heart chakra area in layout sessions. Works perfectly as it lays flat compared to tumbled or dodecahedron garnets that may roll off the body.

♥ Fits nicely in your hand or pocket as well during meditation.

♥ When practicing yoga, try placing this palm stone at one end of your yoga mat to help you stay energized, grounded and balanced.