Rare Angel Chime Genuine Moldavite

Rare Angel Chime Genuine Moldavite

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The universe calls out to you with this rare Angel Chime Moldavite. Did you know that only 1% of all moldavites mined are Angel Chime Moldavite and have a unique metallic ringing sound?

This mysterious type of Moldavite cannot be easily recognized from regular moldavite. Its special quality comes from the sound it emits when chimed against another object. Try carefully dropping it (a quarter of an inch is good, no need to go too high) on the side of a large quartz point to hear the higher pitched tones. I noticed that the sounds are much better when chimed on quartz versus glass or a regular counter top.

Scientifically, the rare sound that Angel Chime Moldavite makes is attributed to strong and specifically distributed inner tension of the moldavite particles that occurred during the solidification process.

For those of you who understand sound, sacred geometry and the qualities these things can bring, Angel Chime Moldavite is truly something special! Some who have worked with moldavite extensively have said that Angel Chime Moldavite is the most powerful, and even going through a thousand pieces, you may only find one that is an Angel Chime.

I was able to only source a few pieces, so if you feel called to this higher vibe Angel Chime Moldavite it is waiting to come home to you.

Angel Chime Moldavite Dimensions:
41mm x 20mm x 6mm
1.5" x 0.8" x 0.2"
4g / 20 cts
Source: Chlum, Czech Republic

Qualities of Angel Chime Moldavite:
→ Game Changer
→ Instant positive mood uplifter
→ Higher density vibration and frequencies
→ Brings you into the present moment of being

Use this activation tektite only if you’re in a healthy and balanced state. Moldavite is highly energetic and known to cause dizziness to some and can make you feel warm when worked with for a long time.

Arrives carefully wrapped and with a certificate of authenticity. Handle with care and do not drop with force or from a far distance. Crystal Rock Star is not responsible for breakage due to chiming moldavite against any surface or object.