Rainbow Fluorite Wand Point 3.9" Standing Crystal

Rainbow Fluorite Wand Point 3.9" Standing Crystal

$38.00 USD
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Treat yourself to this beautiful Rainbow Fluorite crystal point.

These polished Fluorite crystal features shades of green, purple, white, blue and beige. You'll adore the unique layering and colors that show up when you shine a light through this crystal!

3.9" x 0.9" x 0.8"
100mm x 24mm x 21mm
Weight: 4.6oz / 130g

Fluorite is a crystal that people love to have for focus, clarity and studying. This air element crystal is said to help with focus, mental concentration and clearing the third eye chakra from unwanted influence.

Your Fluorite crystal point will be carefully wrapped and ready to love!

Natural indentations on the surface due to the natural crystal material of this point are to be expected.