Rainbow Aura Quartz Sphere and Shell Set

Rainbow Aura Quartz Sphere and Shell Set

$30.00 USD
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This Rainbow Aura Quartz Baby Sphere and Shell Set features a golden aura satyaloka azeztulite crystal ball with a bubble gum pink seashell holder. 

The mini sphere in this mermaid treasure set is permanently coated with platinum, gold and iron. The vapor bonding of these elements provide an energy boost for your chakras and healing work. Makes the perfect display for ocean home decor in your bedroom, sacred altar or desk. 


0.6" (15mm)

1.9" - 2.2" wide (47-55mm)

Satyaloka Azeztulite Quartz hails from India near the Satyaloka Monastery. This kind of quartz has been activated by the Azez. Read more about this here: http://www.metaguides.net/satyalokasn.jpg

Ideas For Your Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Ball:
- Use as a center crystal in manifestation and prosperity grids
- Use in meditation to focus your energy and intention
- Display in the water element feng shui area of the home to bring abundance